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Orlando Speech Therapy Services

Speech Therapy Services

From the moment they are born, children are all eyes and all ears on us as they learn language and communication skills from everyone and everyone that enters their environment. However, sometimes acquiring those vital skills is a difficult process and it’s not uncommon for children to need a little help along the way. For that reason, our speech language therapy services in Orlando are designed to help children of all ages find their voice and feel confident interacting with the world around them.

Our board certified speech-language pathologists work one-on-one with families in the comfort of their homes, schools, or daycare centers and employ a family-centered therapy model. This model allows your child to engage in high energy, playful activities that peak their interest. In fact, children hardly notice that their exercising their speech skills in the process. Because we believe in an integrative approach to speech services for kids, we encourage parents and caregivers to continually practice new language skills throughout the week. Therefore, at the end of every session, parents are equipped with specific strategies that are designed to reinforce your child’s development as they go about their normal daily routine.

Orlando Speech Therapy Service Areas

Our Orlando speech therapy services are available to the greater Orlando area:

Speech & Language Therapy Treatments

At Orlando Speech Therapy, we are dedicated to providing the utmost professional care, focusing on individualized assessment and therapy tailored to the specific needs of each child. Our language and speech therapy services are ideal for children with any of the conditions listed below.

The speech language therapy services we offer address conditions such as:

Help is Closer Than You Think

Session length, frequency, and activities are specifically tailored to your child’s needs and developmental stages. Because your child’s comfort and progress are our utmost concern, we prefer to work together in environments that are already familiar and comfortable to him or her. For that reason, all speech therapy services are provided in the comfort of your home, local school, or daycare facility.

If you’ve noticed your child struggling to correctly pronounce certain letter sounds, or cobble together sentences, trust your gut when it tells you that something is not quite right. Time is of the essence. Talk to your pediatrician or family doctor about your concerns, or request a speech and language evaluation by a trained processional. The earlier a child receives treatment for a speech and language problem, the earlier they can gain confidence. I often tell my patients that parents know when something is wrong and professionals know how to fix it.

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Our Speech-Language Pathologists Treat A Variety of Disorders With Unparalleled Skill And Compassion.

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